Thursday, July 3, 2008

a sudden day dream about actors

This is the most gorgeous man.. especialy whilst playing Greg House in American mediacl drama series House... I do believ most of the great actors we have today are infact non Americans.. like Hugh laurie (obviously dreamy- if only i was 10 years older), Johnny Depp (another great one!!!! as with all his other films, his latest- Sweeny Todd, demon Barber on Fleet street- is a must see. Nothinglike a dark musical with a dash of gore thrown in by Tim Burton).
And we can't cast out the Ausies.. there is of course our latest Iron Man, and the dashing Hugh Jackman..
i just feel that these celebrities and such like are multitalented... they can pull off a variety of accents, play musical instruments and much more.. true acting style.
back to me though- i guess i have to admit i am definately addicted to 'House'- the series... and have all the seasons for my benefit of watching and rewatching.... what brilliant script writing :)

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