Friday, March 6, 2009


Aaaaaaaand it's 2009... well my first entry of 2009.
I have to admit I have been a lazy @£$%! This is mostly due to change in job, moving flat, quitting smoking (ok, ok.. I'm just throwing this in their because i am proud of myself) and starting a new relationship... all the things a 20-something goes through at least once a year living in Cape Town :)
Firstly, I have given my blog a new look, as it needed a touch of 'fabulopus' (dont ask – its the word of the week between my friends and I- thanks von von).
So what's been happening?
well... I have been to a number of music festivals so far. Two really worth mentioning were 'Up the Creek' and just last weekend i went to RAMFEST (a cool rock festival with an additional metal stage and – my favourite – pasty, red-faced metal heads with too much dark make-up, looking ill and sweating their man boobs off in their black leather and spandex outfits.)
The music was great, and the shade was sought after! we left at 3:30pm on the Sunday and it was 42 degrees celcius... speaking of which this heat wave has been killing me!!!!
yesterday reached a high of 45 degrees Celcius in Cape Town CBD
It has been the hottest week this year! Cape Townians are used to usually getting a late summer in February, but these raging temperautes in March beg the question "Isn't supposed to be Autumn now?"
I cannot think of another time i've actually wanted to feel the SOUTH EASTER blowing up my dress...

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Yvonne said...

fabulopus....think we need to reserve copyright on that word ms hotkins - rotalties should have us living la dolce vita on a yacht in no time!!!!