Wednesday, March 25, 2009

aKing at Kirstenbosch... what a dissapointment – the sound engineer should be fired

This was, sadly to say, one of the worst kirstenbosch concerts i have ever been to.
Not to be too judgemental on the band (who i now call average), the majority of the reason everyone looked as if they were resiting the urge to cover their ears, was because of the sound quality.
After much discussion i learnt that it was infact the sound engineers fault my ears were being penetrated with what was less than permissable sound.
He is aKing's engineer. As aKing have never played at Kirstenbosch before it was very unwise on their behalf to request their ill equiped sound engineer to do the gig. He obviously didnt have a clue on how to set up and mix for the large area.
The guitars were too loud and that the 'backup' vocalists drowned out the singer. I feel sorry for aKing because this was there first really major concert in Cape Town. They have have a huge following in Gauteng and have had a couple of really good songs. One which i still really enjoyed when i heard it. Being invited to play in the Summer concerts is an honour AND a way to really get your band recognised by a large audience. What a pity for aKing, that the majority of people who went last weekend take away a skewed vision of what the band sounds like (barely recognisable compared to how the radio and music video sound).
It was terrible when i heard people around me saying that the khayelitsha back up vocalists who came on at the end to do there own stint, were "better than the band" (yes, a direct quote).
Picture credit: Amy Hopkins

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