Friday, March 13, 2009


Well as i am a huge fan of South African music.. i thought it only appropriate to talk about a super big event that took place last night. MK (South Africa's music channel) had their 2009 music awards ceremony last night – where (mostly) the best of the best are too be seen.

The nominations for MK 2009 MUSIC AWARDS:

Best Video

aKing – Safe As Houses
Die Heuwels Fantasties – Vinger Alleen
Straatligkinders – Avontuur van ‘n Harbreek
The Parlotones – I’ll Be There
Zebra & Girraffe – The knife

Best Group

aKing - The Dance
èF-èL - Die idee van
Straatligkinders - Avontuur van 'n hartbreek
The City Bowl Mizers - Uh huh
The Dirty Skirts - Can’t remember your name

Best Solo

Albert de Wet - Wat het gebeur by Aliwal Noord?
Dan Patlansky - Only an ocean
Jax Panik - Cigarettes & Cinnamon
Lianie May - Jy soen my nie meer nie
Ryno Velvet Band - Kyk hoe lyk jy nou

Best Music video animation

Die Oranje Vryskape - Groener weivelde
Fuzigish - Black Magoo
Goldfish - This is how it goes
Jacques ft. Akon - Natural born hustla
The Parlotones - I'll be there

Best Live

Chris Chameleon - Machine
Foto na Dans - Hou jou hande bymekaar
Jan Blohm - Sondag lover
Myepic - Concerning sickness
The Parlotones - Window shopper


Chelsea - For sure
Corsette - Jy verniel my
FlipaCoin - Jasmyn
Shine 4 - So elektries
Stealing Love Jones - feat. Mzambiya Limozeen

Best Serenade

Eden - Kwart oor 5
Etienne - Steyn Gaan jou mis
FlipaCoin - Jasmyn
MD Greyling - Duisend bottels
The Parlotones - I'll be there


Jani - Te vinnig te veel
Kurt Darren - Daar doer in die donker
Nicholis Louw - Welkom by my party
Ray Dylan - Dis verby
Snotkop - Kry jou ass by die werk

Beste New act

Ashtray Electric - The swing
Ben-Nevis - Die gevoel verduidelik
Pretty Blue Guns - Dead man's waltz
Winterstasie - Wie is jy?
Zebra & Giraffe - The knife

Campus Hit

All Will Fall - Disappearing act (KOVSIE FM)
Jax Panik - Cigarettes & Cinnamon (MFM)
Straatligkinders - Avontuur van 'n hartbreek (PUK FM)
aKing - The Dance (TUKS FM)
Seether - Rise above this (UJ FM)

Best Hard Song

Bloodline Ltd - Fists raised
Hikatori - Drome van fiksie
Knave - Diagnosis
One Day Remains - Never say die
Van Coke Kartel - Verdoof, vergiftig, verskoon my


Jakkie Louw - Die hoender song
Koolerbox - Jou moer
Max - Total f-up
Wasserfall - Pretoria-Wes
Wicus van der Merwe - Vat hom pappie


BEST VIDEO – The Parlotones (I'll be there)
BEST GROUP – Straatligkinders (Avontuur van 'n hartbreek)
BEST SOLO – Lianie May (Jy soen my nie meer nie)
BEST ANIMATION VIDEO – The parlotones (I'll be there)
BEST LIVE – Foto na dans (Hou jou hande bymeker)
SEXIEST – Flipacoin (jasmyn)
BEST SERENADE – The Parlotones (I'll be there)
PORNSTAR – Snotkop (Kry jou ass by die werk)
BEST NEW ACT – Ashtray Electric (The swing)
CAMPUS HIT – Straatligkinders (Avontuur van 'n Hartbreek)
BEST HARD SONG – (Van Coke Kartel (Verloof, Vergifting, verskoon my)
FUNNIEST – Koolerbox (Jou Moer)

My comments:

Now I have to admit, I was very happy to see Ashtray Electric won an award. There song song 'the swing' struck me the first time i ever heard it and saw the music video on MK. I remember going around to everyone, asking if they had heard of Ashtray Electric? I hope to see great things from them in the future.

The Parlotones deserve to win the amount of awards they did. I must confess though, sometimes i wish they weren't continually chosen for awards. But they are one of South Africa's best bands with their easy listening, groovy sound (even though half their songs aren't their own) and continuous hits. Their music video for 'I'll be there', is really great and that song is really great! Although i think they should have just won the best music video animation award, and aKing should have won over all best video for safe as houses. Their songs have always had the ability to get stuck into ones head! (probably beacuse they are already familiar...)

I am appalled that 'soen my nie meer nie' was chosen for best solo? That song just reminds me of my boyfriend's 'frakbow' (word used to describe a lower class moron, along the same level as dipshit) neighbour. He plays it on repeat at god-awful times of the morning when he returns home after a 'kiff parrrty'.

Foto Na Dans are great live. I truelly enjoyed hearing them play at Ramfest.

The 'best hard song' award couldnt have found itself a better home than with Van Coke Kartel.

I am surprised that Zebra and Giraffe didnt win anything – at least they got nominated!

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