Wednesday, March 25, 2009

anyone notice how boring the dirty skirts are sounding?

I went to see the Dirty Skirts this past weekend at Springbok Pub. I usually enjoy there music and do like a few of their songs (I regularly sing in the shower "call you Sunday..."). But after they had played their first couple songs, the rest all seemed to melt into 'one' song. I have come to realise that after the hype, the rest of their songs are very average and all sound exactly the same. It seems to be a problem many South African's bands struggle with! Without voicing my opinion I asked my friend what she thought? This being the first time she heard them live, she said "they are so boring!"... Do they lack some of that stage pizazz?? Most of the drunk senseleess crowd ofcourse loved them. But throw any semi famous band on stage and drunk students will go crazy (been there... done that) ;-)
Picture credit: Amy Hopkins

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