Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last nights fire on table mountain

Last night, fires swept all over table mountain in Cape Town – one of the worst ones yet!
Morning radio reports said that people were evacuated in the middle of the night from their homes which were dangerously close to the fires. A fire man reported saying that the fires had jumped a major road and he saw poeple being burned alive.
Most Cape Townians would have slept thorugh the fires and only noticed this mornings ashy city with the smell of smoke still hanging in the air.
One of the schools closest to the fires has been closed for the day.
Reports say that it is believd the fire was man made and most likely started near Rhodes Memorial.
With all the fires happening over our dry summer season, it infuriates me to think that people arent more careful.
All of you out there, please take extra special care to not do anything that may potentially start a fire.

Picture credit: Unknown


The One said...

wow Aims, amazing pics - very real.
Nice work.


are all the photos yours? seen a lot on other blogs that are the same, but credited to different people.

Amy Hopkins said...

These are not my photogrpahs, they were sent to me first thing in the morning, and are from various sources.
'The one' was meerely talking about the pics, not reffering to them as mine.
hope this clears things up! I was definately not out and about taking these. They are excellent work by the people that did them!