Monday, March 9, 2009

Go to KIRSTENBOSCH CONCERTS .... before time runs out

One thing you have to love about Cape Town... especially in Summer, are the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts – where famous South African bands, sometimes international bands (ie Seether) perform to a huge audience picnicing on a massive grass lawn at the botanical gardens.
No smoking allowed! but everyone can bring their own booze and food. Most of the time it is advisable to book your tickets in advance, and really it's inexpensive for a fantastic afternoon with groovy tunes. Akso- get there early to ensure you have the best picnic spot :)
On this particular day, we went to see Zebra and Giraffe...
They are a very popular band, that only really broke onto the scene mid 2008 (as far as i am concerned).
Since then the band, under direction of lead singer and amazing muzo Greg Carlin, has performed all over SA, and gathered quite a following.
I met the Greg and crew after their show. G seems to be quite a friendly easy going guy who – thank god – hasn't let the sudden fame get to his head.
They are playing again soon at Mercury Live on March 14 – where I am definately planning to see them again! Their whole album is worth a listen :) keep your eyes and ears out for these guys!
still to play at kirstenbosch are: The dirty skirts - march 15; aKing - March 22 (definately going to this); Cape Philharmonic orchestra - March 29. The concerts usually begin at the end of Novemebr and run til the end of March every Sunday.

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