Friday, March 6, 2009


Picture credit: Amy Hopkins
This is the infamous Van Coke Kartel... I'm not actually the greatest fan... but I did enjoy their performance and think the BASE guitarist has got that 'true-rockstar-at-heart' thing about him. i.o.w. he is an absolute mad man on stage.
Their performance really impressed me, and so did Fokofs. I have heard them live a number of times, but something magical came together on stage for them this weekend. Although i did camp right next door to them, which meant i got to shake their hands and say hi, but that was where the bonus points ended.
They are true party animals and kept everyone up until day break! thank god i remembered to buy ear plugs this time - as hardened festival goers learn!
Although they can't take all the blame. Some Afrikaans muzo who probably had his first music video on MK (our local music channel on DSTV- for those of you who don't know) and reckons he is the next best thing, was playing his own CD on repeat out of his car. Seriously! How sad... I actually saw his music video this past weekend... and felt even sadder for him.. no names mentioned!
Otherwise the entire festival was a blast :)

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