Monday, March 9, 2009

Up the Creek (Music festival)

The 'Blues Broers' (featured here) reunited especially for the 2009 Up the creek festival, and were a huge hit – as they've always been. With Albert's crazy guitar solo's and new drummer, Tim Rankin's sick beats, it was a hot performance!
These rocking blues broers have some history with this fetsival. They performed at the first ever 'up the creek' and through the years, they have been relied upon as the band that will not only deliver a great performance, but might do it two or three times in one weekend depending on the circumstances. When other bands lost there members, or couldnt be found, or were too drunk/ hungover to play, the blues broers have stepped in on a number of occasions to make up for these blunders.

Other headlining bands were Bed on Bricks, the Dirty Skirts, Aking, Prime Circle and many more...

Put this one in your diary for next year!! And remember to bring earplugs – otherwse you will never get to sleep as music plays til 5 in the morning. Also don't forget your fishing rod, loads of sunblock and a medical aid kit (this was necessary for my clumsy feet). The festival is held on a farm along the banks of the Breede river, a fair drive out of Cape Town, but absolutely worth the escape! Also buy your tickets earcy as there is a limited amount. Only 2000 tickets were sold this year.
Picture credit: Amy Hopkins

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