Friday, March 27, 2009

why the Dalai Lama was not allowed into SA.... and some other ranting

you gotta love madame and eve cartoonsToday i am feeling decidely political... SO... its time for a rant!!!!

I definately read the papers, watch news and like to stay informed on what the current parliamentary monkeys are up to...
There just seems to be so much nonsense going on these days that i have decided to bring some light into the situation by posting humorous and positive things concerning politics on my blog.
Lets face it - ANC president, Zuma (who idiotically said that people should take a shower after having sex to prevent HIV- the moron!), will probably be elected this year as president because of his dubious fingers-in-many-pies and thus far the failure for the NPA to decide whether they will infact prosecute him for his numerous cases of fraud and corruption and dealings with the 'arms deal'.
It amazes me how Zuma has managed to convince his dim-witted followers that having him prosecuted is not in the best interest of the country. That it should all wait until he is already president.
BUT on the other hand he claims to be innocent, and says he will just refuse to go to court anyway.
Now they arent allowing the Dalai Lama into SA - for whatever reason - its rediculous... and the COPE members are ever greatful they longer have to bare the ANC name in times like these...

The main aim here is to not let the ANC get a majority vote so that they will not be able to change the constitution.

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