Monday, March 9, 2009

Wines, wines and more wines.... which farms to visit in the Cape

There’s nothing I like better than drinking a good red wine… well… a number of good red wines with some cheese I suppose does beat the former… and of course there is no better place to sample thousands of fabulous wines, other than the Western Cape wine lands. And for me that adventure is far from over! I am unfortunately – as I have discovered over the past year – allergic to certain wines… although I am unsure of what and how I get the damn runny nose, tight chest and congested sinuses… Every now and then I get these symptoms, and I am on a path to discovering (ticking off) which wines agree and don’t agree with me. I used to be a red-wine-only person, but this has also changed over the years. I have visited a number of lovely wine farms in the recent months, those being:
Dornier (pretty good – a great venue);
Klein Zalze (their chenin blanc is perfect for when in search of an easy going, more-ish white that’s not too expensive);
Tokara (very smart venue with lovely wines - try the predominantly cab sav blend and the whites are all great)
Rust en Vrede (What a stunner!!! One of the farms owned by Ernie Els. They make gorgeous wines. But be prepared to pay for them. I actually stopped in at the Ernie Els estate, which is very extravagent and wines will cost in the thousands for a bottle. Rust en Vrede's wines arent as expensive as these but the quality is on par (excuse the pun) with Ernie Els estate.)
Guardian Peak (A lovely wine farm with great wines for good prices!)
I will do a full write up on my next wine route adventure!

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The One said...

I like Rust en Vrede wines - but have only tried a few, looking forward to sampling more of these.