Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cant this wkd arrive any sooner.....

I am so looking forward to the Easter weekend!
It seems to be a real weekend of music in SA. Firstly there is the Coke Zero fest in JHB and then in CT with bands such as snow patrol, oasis (yawn) and many other local and international bands playing. there is Splashy Fen in Durbs, also for local artists trying to strut their stuff...
And then there is KKNK – which i am going to!!!
Can't wait!
Yes it is predominantly an Afrikaans festival, but bands such as aKing and Bed on Bricks will also be there. Plus there's tons to do in Oudtshoorn. So look out for updates, pics and opinions next week!
I am determined to hide at least a few easter eggs for the fun of it :-P
I will then return to CT on the Sunday and attend the TOBASCO OYSTER AND CHAMPAGNE FESTIVAL @ BLOEMENDAL...
The events main attraction will be the oyster cook-off competition presented by 15 various restaurants from the Durbanville and surrounding areas that will show off their skills at preparing dishes with oysters.
* A “shuck and slurp” competition will form part of the event.
* Food and wine pairing demonstrations by top South African celebrity chefs.
* All dishes prepared by the food and wine pairing demonstration will be auctioned and all proceeds will go to a local charity.
* Wine tasting demonstrations by local winemakers.
* Live broadcast by popular Cape Town radio station.
* Live performance by Boulevard Blues Band.
* Live entertainment by local musicians throughout the festival.
* Oysters: 10 000 oysters must be consumed at the event!!! (woo hoo)
* 20 restaurants will demonstrate their skills, each transforming 400 oysters into mouthwatering dishes.
* 2 000 oysters at the TABASCO® Hotspot Oyster Bar.
* Champagne: 10 Champagne, Cap Classic and Sparkling Wine exhibitors to complement the oysters.
* Food Stalls: 4 food stalls will supply patrons and non oyster lovers with alternative cuisine.


The One said...

This sounds awesome - wow - have an awesome time, which i'm sure you will, take pics and bring back stories ;-)

Amy Hopkins said...

I have to be honest. THe atmostphere was great, but the oysters were really lareg and tasted funny. Not the nicest experience. I have had waay better oysters in Knysna and gordons bay.
The entertainment was good tho. keep a look out for a band called the stremes - who have just finished recording their album.