Thursday, April 23, 2009

IPL Madness

So while everyone is hot on elections and voting topics.. i would like to chat about something equally important (ok maybe not as important, but way more fun!)....

*** The IPL cricket ***

I went to yesterdays game at Newlands, and what an aweosme experience it was. The Deccan Charges vs the Royal Challengers Bangalore. What an amazing game! That was the most fun I have ever had watching a cricket game live!

Firstly lets set the scene:
-Packed stadium (except for the sponsored seats, which left a bitter taste in the mouths of people who couldn’t get tickets).

-The smell of curry, hot dogs, hamburgers and everything else delicious you can imagine.

-Live performances from well-known band ‘Goldfish’ (very funky african house/dance-type music with a bit of saxophone and – my favourite – a big double base... thought this might need some explanation as i have non earthlings reading my blog).

-Sexy cheer leaders, some of whom are from the US, but sometimes their looks don’t make up for their somewhat boring dance routine (at least they got the timing right this time. I was told that at the opening ceremony they had no idea when they had to cheer for their individual teams, as they didn’t understand the rules of the game!).

-Costumes! There were 20-something-year-old guys dressed up as maids with balloons by their chests and pillows by their bums stuffed into their Checkers ‘ousie’ outfits. There were other costumes too, but I can’t remember what they all were now.

-Fire works! Every time a six was hit, a person was caught out, or some such big event, fire works went into the air, and you know how many sixes my team (Deccan Charges) hit – it was a sight to be seen! (Gilchris is a mean batting machine!)

-The Crusaders graced us with their presence. I was standing amongst them as I entered the stadium. Suddenly I noticed the men around me were larger than average and they were all wearing the same shirts. And I caught the one staring at my chest – how rude, and I felt immediately embarrassed. I had been momentarily separated from boyfriend, but when I found him, he told me who the large red shirted men were. I suppose I can forgive them just because they are super-famous and, well, they could squash me with their big toe if they wanted to.

so that was the cricket....
Gotta love the indian music that played briefly when someone hit a four.

All i can say is, if you have the chance to go, GO!!! buy tickets, just go!!!!

I have loads more to wrie, but due to hectic work at the mo havent been able to, and apologise for now. I will update soon. I have to still talk about my KKNK weekend and other band sive seen perfrom recently.

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