Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zuma's charges dropped... But Zille is not giving up... here's what i think....

Imagine this… you were accused of doing something that you didn’t do, something shameful and terrible. If you had an opportunity to prove your innocence, wouldn’t you? Of course with the charges being dropped, we will never know if Jacob Zuma is innocent or guilty. And he is celebrating this news... Remember the charges werent dropped becaus eof lack of evidence against him... but because other political figures were silly enough to meddle with the prosectution. Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this implies….

Yesterday, April 6 2009, was a day that will be remembered through out history – our children will study this is in years to come! The much-contested affair about Jacob Zuma’s (ANC President) corruption charges and involvement in the ‘Arms deal’ all came to an abrupt end.
It was as if the whole country sighed at once – a disappointed, helpless sigh – as the NPA (national prosecuting authority) declared that all charges will be dropped. It was a moment that divided the country and yet set us all a new goal!
It is undoubted that the ANC will still win in the upcoming election (what was that thing my mother always told me about the masses being stupid?). But we can at least ensure it is not a two-thirds majority win.
All we need is for SA to be headed in the same direction as Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

On that note – poor Morgan Tsvangirai’s family members seem to be dropping like flies, after he accepted to head a coalition government with Mugabe. First his wife died in a mysterious car accident, and now his grandson died over the past weekend... Very fishy indeed… Like something out of the God Father movies…

Back to Zuma

Updated News (from various reports):
South Africa's NPA had a mountain of evidence against Mr Zuma and had charged him with graft, racketeering and money laundering in connection with a 1999 arms deal.
But the case was dropped because phone-tapping evidence suggested political interference in the investigation.
The acting national chief prosecutor, Mokotedi Mpshe, says he feels wronged and betrayed.
"An intolerable abuse has occurred which compels a discontinuation of the prosecution," he said.
"On a number of occasions I have given evidence under oath that there has not been any meddling or manipulation of the process in this matter.”
However, opposition parties claim the decision has left South African democracy in peril ahead of the election.
South African opposition leader Helen Zille says the country has been duped.
"Nothing that the NPA said today, nothing at all, justifies the withdrawal of charges against Jacob Zuma," she said.
Ms Zille accused prosecutors of bowing to political pressure just two weeks before presidential elections in which Mr Zuma will be the ANC's candidate.
Mr Zuma has repeatedly denied allegations of graft, racketeering and money-laundering over a multi-billion dollar 1999 arms deal.
Analysts and opposition politicians say the charges have been dropped on a technicality, so suspicion will continue to dog Mr Zuma as he has not cleared his name in court.
Ms Zille said: "The next step is very clear for the Democratic Alliance: We will launch an application at the North Gauteng Supreme Court in order to ask for a judicial review of the NPA's decision to withdraw charges against Jacob Zuma.
"We believe there's been terrible abuse here. We believe none of the reasons given are justification for withdrawing the case and we are going to stop that abuse."

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