Friday, May 15, 2009

Failing Forward album launch – Hunting beasties

‘Failing Forward’ started up in January 2006, now a few years down the track and a long list of member changes that saw the departure of the founding member as well as the leaving and rejoining of the original drummer, the band finds itself well situated in the South African rock scene.

I went to their album launch of Hunting Beasties, a little while ago. They have a few good songs, namely the track ‘Hunting Beasties’ (their biggest hit so far) and are quite entertaining to watch live. The drummer plays in a way that makes his skill look effortless. What I’m trying to say is that he doesn’t look like he’s killing himself while playing, like Snake from aKing/fokofpolisiekar. Yet he plays as well, if not better.
The band members come from a very Christian background, and even though this is not always apparent in their music, there is an undertone of it. But more essentially their songs are about life and experiences and overcoming certain things.
Keep an eye out for this band…

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