Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My birthday... what a day...

It was my birthday yesterday... and I thought I should just share with you what an amazing day it was…
I know that after a certain number of birthdays I will sadly have to change the name of my blog to 30-something-in-capetown... but thankfully, that's still a little while away!

Since I am a total ‘foodie’ I have to tell you about the restaurant we went to last night.

Speaking of being a foodie, I was given two tickets to the Good Food and Wine show tomorrow night at the CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Centre), so watch this space for stories about that!!
If you are interested in trying out delicious food, gorgeous Cape wines and demonstrations from
local and internationally acclaimed chefs, one after which I am nicknamed ‘Aimsley’ – it is a total must-see!!!

For more info just Google: Cape Town Good Food and Wine show.
Back to Birthday stories:
This was honestly the best birthday I have ever had, and the best thing about it?

My party is still coming – Friday night – Mexicano Baby…
Yes, I had to work on my birthday, it was a Tuesday, but I got given lots of cake throughout the day, a beautiful smoothie recipe book and some jewellery from my colleagues ☺
Lucky me...

There is also the delightful feeling of being called by security (not because my friends have sent me a mail stripper), but because I have beautiful things to collect from the main reception… (again not male strippers)

I received a bunch of flowers from my mom – a total surprise as I thought she had actually forgotten my birthday! She is an extremely busy woman after all.

As I was leaving the building for a break, I bumped straight into my flatmate holding an enormous bunch of roses (the gorgeous specimen he is, I could have once again confused him for a male stripper). This was also a total surprise!
I never get this many flowers!

At 4:30pm, just as the day was winding down, I got yet another call from security. Not having a clue what could be happening this time, the lady behind the desk smiles and tells me I am such a lucky girl.
There was another huge bunch of flowers: red roses, with red feather and red jewels and green things wrapped in black and white polka dot paper – basically the epitome of me, in a bunch of flowers ☺

And its from none-other than my totally gorgeous and endearing boyfriend.
The reason I was so surprised was that I had already gotten a lot of presents from him, the main two being: a Russell & Hobbs stainless steel blender (I can see those frowns, but I actually asked for a blender) and a winter coat.
So I felt over all totally spoilt and very happy ☺

I actually started getting that jaw pain I used to get at school on ‘photo’ days, from smiling so much!!

Lets move onto dinner…

So, we went to the Hussar Grill (my favourite local steak restaurant) for a real treat to indulgence!
We started with a couple glasses of champers before moving on to our select delicious and expensive cab-sav.
We (me+boyfriend) shared the camembert deep fried cheese with cranberry jelly. It was absolutely gorgeous and rich.
Of course we had to have steak as our mains. Although I usually consider myself a creature of versatility I have the same main dish every time I’m at Hussar. It’s just sublime and meets every need in a mouthful: the 200g rump done medium-rare to rare with the famous creamy blue cheese sauce… *goosebumbs*
My boyfriend had the Flambeed fillet with a béarnaise sauce (also great).
We were then brought (on the house) creamy, chocolate vodka martinis, which were as silky as a slipping into a warm bath.
And then we still shared the ‘five spoon truffle’.
I felt like I was ontploffing (great Afrikaans word meaning exploding).
What a dinner!
The best thing about this place is that the service has been immaculate every time I’m there ☺
If you are in CT, you have to try it out!

What a way to end the day… well it didn’t quite end there… but that’s all I’m willing to share ☺


The One said...

hahaha hmmm share more, share more, i'm kidding - sounds like a truly festive - so glad you had a great one! Cant wait for the Mexican Fiesta on Friday.

Amy Hopkins said...

me neither :-)
oooooooohhhhhh tequila it makes me happy :-)

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