Thursday, May 14, 2009

nights at Assembly

Have any of you been to or heard of a place called ‘Assembly’?
Here are some of the things I heard about it… before I had actually been to it:

“Its so cool, you would love it”
“loads of bands play there – it was made for live music”
“It’s an upmarket club type place”

Ok –
I have now been to Assembly twice. Let me get back to you on the above
statements: It is cool, but would not be my first choice. It reminds me a lot of Mercury Live lounge. It has a great stage, and the sound quality is pretty good for live bands. The whole venue is like a big warehouse-type of vibe. So it is not upmarket. It is very, very Cape Townian in the sense that hippy-chic girls are aplenty.

On the two occasions I went, one was too see the Albert Frost Trio. Al is an insane guitarist. Look out for his album ‘devils and gods’. His songs are good but also have multiple personalities. I have a few favourites, after listening to the album a number of times. There is a bluesy-rock influence in his sound. For those of you who appreciate crazy guitar skills – he is a must see!

The second time I went to Assembly, it was a busier night, as there were a number of bands, with the headlining act being ‘Cassette’. Now if any of you have listened to the radio (particularly GARETH CLIFFS MORNING SHOW) at all in the past six months you would have heard of them. Their most famous song – Who do you trust? “who do you trust, who do you trust now, who do you trust, why should we stop now…”. (I can hear myself already going out of key.)
I confess I didn’t know many of their other songs, but their live act was great (see pics). When they finally played the song I love so much, I was astounded by how similar it sounded to the radio edit. This just showcasing how tight they are as a band. I was super impressed!
So if know these guys are playing – make a plan and go see them! I expect greater things to still come!

Picture 2: Albert Frost; Picture 1 and 3: Cassette. Picture credits: Amy Hopkins

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