Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A not-so-typical night out in CT – champagne, pizza, strippers and police

I have to share this with you

Firstly my friends and I decided to meet up for a ‘Pooza’ Thursday last week. (For those who don’t know, this term refers specifically to a drinking session on a Thursday to get you in the spirit – excuse the pun – for the upcoming weekend.)

So we head to oblivion – a no under 23’s wine bar in Kenilworth/ Claremont area. (Check out website on www.oblivion.co.za – it rocks)
But to keep it fairly tame, the bunch of us ordered some pizzas, beers and wines, thinking this is where the night would stay. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Someone decides its time to buy a bottle of champagne.

Then the newbie training waiter knocks over champagne.
Let me make this clear - he knocked the champagne onto the one pizza.

We felt sorry for him, but also annoyed that we had lost a bottle of champers and pizza in one go.

However that was very quickly rectified. Oblivion being the place it is, with great service, they promptly bring us two free bottles of champers, a free pizza and a round of shooters called ‘bush-men’s balls’.

After much merriment
we end up going to…
wait for it...
can you guess...
My first time EVER in strip club – I have never seen so many boobs! But it was nothing like the stories I had heard about strip clubs. I was expecting to see all kinds of bits all over the place. But it was much classier tan that, and a lot of the girls had dresses and lingerie on.
Except for maybe one or two…

After we have settled in and ordered some drinks (which are exorbitantly priced), all the women seem to fade into the background. I then pop off to the ladies, only to return to the boys shoving hundred Rand notes into my hand and telling me my dancer is on the way. We then bustle up to a private room. My pulse quickens and I start feeling rather anxious/ curious.

Of course the boys are there to watch – mostly to laugh at my nervous and uncomfortable expression and body language. I often tease about how gorgeous some girls are although I have never had a lesbian experience, I sometimes suggest it as a joke to my boyfriend. So I was caught in a moment where I thought I might actually enjoy the dance.

I couldn’t have been more mistaken. I have never felt so awkward! Sitting on my hands and not knowing where to look, I was bright red! The sexy blonde asked me in a Russian accent (put on or not I couldn’t tell) ‘You do not like?’. I fumbled some kind of reply and thanked my lucky stars the song was coming to an end!
We all had a good laugh about it and the guys had their turns with dancers too. WE all had a fair amount to drink by this point and decided it was time to go home as we all had work the next day and it was 1:30am.

The driver had drunk less than us – obviously. (Thank goodness!)
But by very unfortunate luck we manage to find ourselves pulling off the road at a roadblock 100m from my flat.
They were looking for drugs (we presumed) as they didn’t want to breathalyse anyone, and started unpacking the car. I was then asked to get out (from the back seat) and go across the road to a police van (a bakkie with a cab on the back).
Hold on let me mention this: I was asked to get out before any of the guys were.

I had no illegal substances anywhere on/ in me. What I found disturbing though, was that they would not search me standing on the road. The policewoman demanded I get into the back of the van (where they put criminals). I refused; starting to feel scared and uncomfortable. She started shouting at me demanding I get in and stating that if I had nothing to hide I would have nothing to be afraid of. I definitely didn’t have anything to hide and started opening my bag and taking things out. But she wouldn’t budge. She said she could only search me if I was in the van. One of the guys came over to find out what was going on. She then shouted at him saying he was interfering in police business.

I gave up and got in the damn van. She took my bag apart (which is quite a task as I refer to my bag as the ’black hole’). She eventually let me go. The whole process took about 40 minutes. They of course found nothing. It was a horrible experience and I would like to know if anyone has ever had anything similar happen to him or her?

Needless to say I was so happy when I arrived home.


The One said...

LOL this is a great post - wow - loved reading this, such an awesome night - all in all you must have felt alive to have gone through all this unexpected experiences all in such quick successions!

PS: Pooza is actually, Phuza.
phuza thursday - said (poo-zah)
'phuza' is the traditional zulu term for drink, it follows that 'phuza thursday' is the act of drinking (most commonly binge drinking) on a thursday night.
This has become a burgeoning tradition among South African youth, with Thursday nights almost replacing Friday nights as occasions for heavy drinking.

Nadia Dossa said...

haha ah man sounds like an awesome night! wish I was there! I know, I also got bought a lap dance once and it was really funny! fun though! And the guys in the private room were looking at us and their strippers had to tell them - hello, focus on HERE! Hahahaha!!Teazers was also cool. Table dances were more hectic than it sounds like u had.

Btw I can't believe u mentioned 3sums to ur bf - u were so uptight about shit like that when I was there!! haha. And speaking of lesbian experience - I think we did have a very drunken kiss at a bar once in cape town haha!!

(oh and ur police experience sounds weird. but as long as she didn't feel u up, suppose it's ok?)

Miss u so much my friend!!

Amy Hopkins said...

Thanks to 'the one' for clearing up the origins of the word phuza thursday.
To my dearest friend Nadia... we would havehad a blast if you were still in CT!
I suppose we all grow up and change a little LOL :-)
police experience was weird. More than anything i want to know the reason behind treating me the way they did.
for more updates stay posted :-)

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