Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunset in Greenpoint

I took this picture from my flat. Yes I am lucky enough to have this gorgeous view. It comes at a price though!
I have never seen the sunset so radiant though – and i am sure many Cape Townians whipped out their cameras to capture this image. I always think – if i painted this, no one would believe it was a real scene. And i also think those living in Camps Bay would have better views... and better camers :-)
Picture credit: Amy Hopkins


The One said...

Lately i've been so busy and working late - i hate i never get a chance after work to look outside the apartment and sigh at the enchanting views, especially during sunset.

Amy Hopkins said...

its an abs must :-)
wearetruly blessed to see Cape Town in such glory..
is that inspiration for a new painting i feel.....