Thursday, May 14, 2009

weekend getaway STANFORD

Its time for a much-needed weekend-getaway! And how lucky was I to be invited to Stanford, a small peaceful little village, just inland from Hermanus (see map, x marks the spot).
I have never been to Stanford before, much less heard of it. So I am looking forward to quality time with books and magazine during the days and bottles of good red wine at night.
I was more pleasantly surprised to find out that besides the local bottle store and cafĂ©, there are actually other shops, namely wine farms in the area… and what else is Stanford famous for? Its cheese!!! I swear this place was made for me ☺I will of course have to report back once I have spent the entire weekend there.

But before I get myself carried away here thinking its only going to be wining and dining. The weekend is actually a ‘boys surfing weekend’ and they want me to come along to take photographs of their ‘like totally sick waves bro’.
I get to work this morning and glance over the Cape Times. Can you guess what’s on the front page?
Weather pattern images showcasing the ‘storm of all storms’ to hit our shores this weekend.
Yes we know its winter and cold-front season is upon us.

So I went onto wind guru to check the swell and the onto goggle weather to check it out.

See for yourself what I found! 6-7m swell... and the papers are warning people to stay indoors and OUT OF THE SEA!
Maybe this will deter the boys-with-gills to stay indoors and really enjoy their wine with me?
I'd have better luck getting my boyfriend to stay awake during Angels and Demons. Which i quite enjoyed by the way. But i have read the book, which was incredible – so i am biased to like the story.
I can’t see them fishing in the pouring rain either. But they are determined to still pack their rods as there “is a dam there with bas I think”?
Stanford is surrounded by the Klein River Mountains and spread along the southern bank of the river (Klein river- is this where the bas are?), just before it widens out to form a coastal lagoon.
All in all I am just being facetious , and very much looking forward to a weekend away exploring one of the treasures of the Cape.
Watch this space for a report back!


The One said...

Tell me the house has a fireplace and i'll just die of envy!

Amy Hopkins said...

well.. i spent most of the weekend drinking wine by the fire place.. so awesome...
and snuggeling... and sleeping in...
and drinking more wine hehehe!
Stanford is a really beautiful little place. I will definately go back!