Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Address Stress

Let me just saying that moving house (well in my case moving ‘flat’) is a different type of stress, but a stress none-the-less. I have moved so many times, its hard to count them up. But while I am writing this, I might as well:

Welkom House
Gran’s House
Port Elizabeth House
Letsitele Valley House
Arbour Park House
Pompagalana House
Varsity Residence in Cape Town
Rosebank Flat
Kenilworth Flat
Kenilworth House
Port Alfred House
Greenpoint Flat
Seapoint Flat

I think that’s enough to last me a while.
I don’t share that luxury that others do having grown up as a child in the same neighbourhood until they go off to uni…

Luckily here in South Africa with the economic climate as it is, there are plenty of people doing what ever they can to make extra pennies.
I say ‘lucky’ because it just so happens that on this recent move, we found a guy with his bakkie and trailer who (with the help of two other helpers) moved all our stuff from storage unit in Somerset West and my stuff from Green point flat into my new two bedroom, two bathroom flat in Seapoint for a mere R600.
They were late, but I’ve never heard of movers being on time, and so began the trek from one apartment to the next. (I do hope to stay in this one for at least two years.)
The first night I barely slept, trying to adjust to the new noises (including those made by undesirables in the block towards the South who are farming what sounds like illegal immigrants and wannabe-cool-gangsters).
One of my lovely friends came around that evening with a warm curry, picnic plates and utensils… and of course a good bottle of Shiraz ☺
I can say that now my new home is looking much more 'unpacked' and homely (much neater than it does in the picture) – and I love it!

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