Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jade lounge

Jade Lounge and Bar is one of the most popular nightlife spots on the Greenpoint stretch (after the pink strip).
If you happen to walk in on a wednesday evening you could relax in a private corner and listen to a three-piece jazz band. This year they also played host to the very popular Levi's Vintage Sundays, which featured bands such as Prime Circle, Bed on Bricks, Dave Fergusen and many more...
But if you happen to walk in on a Friday or Saturday night expect this: Loads of people, No Under 23's, No entrance fee (a rarity on a weekend night in CT), Hot men and women, women and men who think they're hot, DJ's spinning out fabulous tracks and generally some crazy arse business as shown in the photo below.
(For the record I don't remember this photo being taken and it culd be a photo-shopping plot against me)

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