Thursday, February 4, 2010

January that was....

Beach Volleyball is also one of those things that should be done in summer at least once a year.. even if your role is sitting on the outskirts cheering on a gorgeous bronze, shirtless specimen... and in Cape Town we've got no shortage of those...
PS – its good to plan this type of thing in advance, playing in a cocktail dress just gets awkward...

Caprice (Camps bay) is always a very trendy spot, and get particularly packed during season. It's also a great place to play paparazzi with SA celebs.
I bumped into Tracy McGregor, who was actually terribly sweet. I was ranting in the ladies loo about some (rather large) girl who had sat on my handbag and was quite snarky about lifting her rotundness arse off it again. I only realised it was Tracy as the convo ended and she walked out. Also spotted were members from the well known bands: The Dirty Skirts and Bed on Bricks.
Now the gimpy vodka suits - that was an added bonus :-)

L'ormarins Queen's Plate
: Diarise this event next year. Smaller and classier than the JB MET, it's loads of fun and had a great after-party, with Gang of instrumentals (awesomeness), Just Jinger (yawn...) and Goldfish (superstylin!).
It's also lovely to see everyone dressed in blues and whites (the annual theme).

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