Wednesday, February 17, 2010

time to swallow my words

Last year I wrote about watching aKing performing live for the first time at Kirstenbosch, and how terrible they were.

In the year that has gone by, they have released a new album and fired their old sound engineer (whew!)…

Cue 2010 Kirstenbosch summer concerts, 7th February.

In true ‘shameless aimless’ form, I was right up front dancing from the word go,

Or in this case ‘hello, we are aKing…’

The advantage of being so close was that I did see Snake (drummer) drop and lose one of his drum-sticks for about 20 seconds in the first song. He continued playing one-handed (but who would notice over the screams from fans below), which I must say was entertaining J

Over all I was truly impressed.

They have grown immensely ‘tight’ as a band and of course Laudo’s voice is just dripping gorgeous and deep.

Whether it was the wine or not, I likened his voice to a cello while jumping up and down singing ‘I like looking at the sky, as the wind the plays through…

In truth I have seen them perform in other (smaller) venues over the past 12 months, and was aware of their growing improvement (and fanclub!).

Now I recommend them to anyone!

These Belville boys can rock up a party!

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