Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Up the Creek (take two)

UP THE CREEK… – One of my most favourite music festivals!
Its great because: Its smaller than your rocking-the-daisies-type of festival and this means three things: usable loos, hot showers in the mornings and being able to find a decent spot to set up camp!

The best part about this year’s event was the river stage!
An absolute show stealer (besides the Bed on Bricks performance on Friday night)
From about 11:30 on Saturday morning (after sorting out some ‘technical difficulties’), the stage was up and running and kicked off with a performance by popular capetownian A’Capella (voice only) music group: D-seven (
I love the James dean look-a-like Dylan and real ladies-man, Shiraz (also known as just Raz – we fished with him earlier that morning)… Then again, a Shiraz is my favourite wine and so I may be slightly biased. To be fair, all members of this charming male singing collective are just fabulous – and the ladies delighted seeing them shirtless in their boardies!!

I am now also a confessed fan of the group Fox Comet – straight out of the southern suburbs ( It was the first time I had seen them live, and I was very impressed!
I will be looking out for them in the future.

It is indeed sad that this is the lowest anyone has seen the Breede river in a long while, but the organisers at Up the Creek made good use of the exposed bank (as illustrated in the images).
Oh, and even though I fished for about five hours collectively, I didn’t catch a thing!

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