Monday, March 29, 2010

Tastes to die for…

At the taste of cape 2010.
For those who missed out – I feel very, very sorry for you all…
Although this is quite a pricey event, it is well worth attending for all food (and drink) lovers. (visit for more info to make you even sadder that you did not attend…)
Not only does it feature the top restaurants in the Cape doing what they do best in ‘small portion’ form, but there is a string of wine stalls, whiskey tasting and (my fav) tequila tasting… ( the coffee patron was too die for!! I eagerly drank all of mine up (and my partners).
Thumbs up to Heineken for having one of the coolest set-ups: a massive Heineken stall with fresh, delish sushi (if you were there early enough) and empty canvases and a white couch, waiting to be painted on by all it’s customers.
(see image).
Guilty as charged!
It was a blast

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