Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A weekend of festivities…

Well, it was a busy social weekend in CT.
Saturday was spent drinking wine and relaxing at the beautiful Cape Farm House, in Scarborough. It is a bit of a drive from the heart of Cape Town, but totally worth the mission. Not only is the sea on that side of the world reminiscent of post-card-crystal-clear-turquoise-only-found-in-Mauritius, but the friendly small town vibe and the relaxing atmosphere is so inviting as a city escape.
Every other weekend the Cape Farm House hosts a music concert, so keep up to date with what’s on at www.capefarmhouse.co.za.
It’s a great place for the whole family, with jungle gyms, a large lawn for picnicking and a restaurant with undercover outdoors tables. They also sell boerie rolls and ice cream cones on the concert days.
Three bands played, Shannon Hope did a solo stunt (www.shannonhope.co.za), followed by JacSharp (www.jacsharp.com), and then Bed on Bricks (www.bedonbricks.co.za).
Sunday morning started off in full swing at the River Club Mashie Course.
If you’re a non-golfer, beginner or scratch handicap, this is still a super fun outing to do with a group of fiends or with your partner.
I’m a self-acclaimed beginner golfer, with a few golf clubs, a second hand bag, and a couple golf balls to my name (which I feared the worst for pre-empting day’s efforts). I had a great time and even made a birdie on one of the 9 holes.
For those that don’t know what a mashie course is, it is a golf course where each hole is the size of a par-3 (ie: the shortest holes on a regular course).
It’s only R50 per person for nine holes, and there’s a breakfast special on too for those who want some grub before their game.
Visit www.riverclub.co.za. They also have a huge driving range and good cold beer.
Then it was off to Wellington, to visit Kleinevalleij (www.kleinevalleij.co.za) wine farm during the Wellington Harvesting Festival weekend.
I was a Wellington version, and expected more than just the bolshie brandy drinkers to be parading the streets, but I was pleasantly surprised.
First it’s important to note that when you leave CT to venture out to the wine lands, remember that even though it may be 25 degrees in town, its bound to be at least 5 degrees hotter out there.
But it does get super cold in the evenings, so pack the jerseys anyway.
The venue was absolutely picturesque and I had a nagging wish to set up an easel and recreate the surrounds for my lounge.
We bought a few bottles and settled into drinking the Bovlei shiraz and the Bovlei pinotage rose (interesting).
The entertainment was a delightful orchestra followed by blues master Albert Frost – quite an evening ☺

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