Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the best way to see Cape Town...

And here it is:

Phone up base4 helicopters and book a ‘full peninsula’ helicopter ride. The ride takes your from the V&A waterfront all the way around the coast to Cape Point, around to Fish Hoek and then cutting across the burbs back to the V&A.

It is the most beautiful way to see Cape Town – an hour of blissful flying.
Although we saw something that gave me the creeps… cue the jaws music.
The pilot said ‘I spotted somethin’, next thing you descending at such rate and angle (you feel like you might just fall out) and there lying on the surface of the water about 200m from a group of kiddies playing in the shallow waves of Strandfontein was a 5m great white. It was HUGE!!!!! And it juts kinda lay there, facing the beach – creeeeeeepy…
Nothing like a bit of adventure and a huge adrenaline rush to make the trip super exciting.
They do offer shorter rides and varied routes, so check out www.base4.co.za for more info.

If you are heading to the V&A waterfront, go for a stroll around the Table Bay hotel side to check out all the amazing boats (well, huge cruise liners really) docked in at the moment. Spot the seals, there were about five swimming around and basking in the sun on the decks.

The Champagne and oyster festival was bigger and better than ever before!
And the oysters were delish... so was the sushi…
We spent the day sipping Villiera brut under the shady trees listening to the raw blues voice of Gerald Clarke…
Hmmm – heaven.

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