Wednesday, July 14, 2010

lindt chocolate studio desert courses

I recently went to Cape Town’s very own Lindt Chocolate Studio to do a desert-making course. It was fabulous.

For R500 you (and a small group of other people) get to learn all about chocolate, how it’s made, where it’s from etc… and do a tasting appreciation! My personal favourites: the almond orange dark, the dark chilli and the dark sea salt chocolates.

Then we embarked on a culinary adventure… we made chocolate rustic tart, raspberry macaroons, caramel deserts, dark orange cheese cake and these fried pastry things (from Spain – as common as koeksisters in SA) dipped in a dark choc sauce.


A dinner of sweetness… and it was marvellous.

The bonus is you get to keep all the detailed recipes!

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