Monday, August 16, 2010

tough times call for interesting measures

Times can be really tough, especially these days. From next month my rent goes up the usual 10%, electricity is up and let’s face it… basically everything, even tins of tuna and bags of apples aren’t what they used to be. Just a month ago I wrote in a letter to a certain magazine in the hopes that I would potentially win a R500 shopping voucher. Without success.

But, there may just be a much easier way to win R500… and potentially, the granddaddy prize of: R50 000.

There is so much I Could do with R50 000…

Practical me: Put the money towards a new car; place it into a savings account to build up a buy-my-own-house-one-day fund; pay off my outstanding accounts and then buy 40 pairs of untrendy, but practical flat leather boots. (Okay, maybe not the last one…)

Excited-and-overjoyed-recent-winner-of-R50000 me: Head straight to the V&A Waterfront and buy those sexy 3-inch, red-leather heals I’ve been dying for, take my boyfriend out for ‘as much sushi as we can eat’ and then head to flight centre to plan the holiday of a lifetime.

So how does one get closer to fulfilling their dreams…?

Well, one way to stand a chance of winning either a very helpful extra R500 or an extravagant and wondrous R50 000, would be as a MyCard holder, to write-in and tell Standard Bank how you would spend your MyCard moments with your cash-back. You can enter under one of the following categories: Travel (trip to visit Granny Wanda), Lifestyle (get that full-body massage), Career/Finance (workaholics need to invest in only the best coffee), Health/Wellness (new mountain-biking shoes), and Other (for people that have wilder and weirder joyous dreams). Your story, if not too bizarre (and rude), will be published and you will receive a personalised URL which will allow you to view your MyCard moment on the website.

I’m just spreading the love, because after all, everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams.

And as much fun as it is to day-dream about how I would spend my moments, it’s time to get back to the grindstone…

PS – this ends on 19 November so get your act in gear quick!!!

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