Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twice Coffee

I stumbled upon the most amazing coffee shop (if you will), which two months ago snuck onto the corner of Main road and St Johns road in Sea point. While the artisan coffee smelt amazing I was after the other thing this shop specialises in: Ice-cream. I know it’s technically still winter and most Cape Townians would think me crazy to be after anything with the word ‘ice’ in it. But this was truly something special. And let’s face it – it’s actually been pretty warm these days anyway.

The owner, Christopher whipped up a marvellous treat for me in a large bowl that’s reminiscent of the 50’s American Ice-cream parlours.

Instead of having millions of silver tubs of multicolourful ice-creams, there was juts one large tub of homemade vanilla – free of all additives and gelatine and made from Madagascan vanilla pods. When he said he could make me 20 different flavours, I was doubtful as to how long this might take. So I told him to pick one for me. The verdict: Strawberries and cookies & cream.

Out came the fresh strawberries, oreo biscuits, special chopping equipment and voila: a dream come true.

Other flavours on offer are: rum & raison; chocolate, peanut brittle, gooseberry and raspberry to name a few. These can also all be made into milkshakes. YUM!

They also do sandwiches and offer free super-fast wi-fi all day.

I just wish they were open on Sundays, but if you want to catch them make sure you are there before 2:30pm on Saturday, or any day during the week.

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