Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we love real beer

It has been a solid month since I last wrote, and this, I must confess, is because I took a good three weeks off to explore a couple islands in Indonesia.

And what better time to leave Cape Town than during August-September when the wind is known to howl and the rain to pellet down…

So instead of shivering in a rain-soaked jacked, I was drinking cold Bintangs on the beach and tanning my beer-filled belly.

Speaking of beer, tomorrow night is the We-Love-Real-Beer festival at the Old Biscuit Mill (Woodstock), which I am super keen to check out ( They’ll be sporting a variety of local breweries and beers such as Jack Black, Beers&Union, Mitchells brewery, Paulaner waterfront brewery, Napier brewery and many more. Also check out their blog at

See you there!

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