Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beer time at &union

October = beer drinking season, and if you’re looking for an awesome spot to try out delicious weiss, lager, cheeses, prego rolls or sausages... then head to Brewers & Union Beer Salon and Charcuterie (www.andunion.com). They have an indoor and awesome outdoor section on the bustling street of Bree, plus they offer an exclusive red wine, to be found only at this spot, and available for sale at R120 per bottle – it’s yummy!
It serves as a trendy after-work-drinks spot, or a relaxed fun first date spot. It offers a variety of locally brewed artisan beers under the &union label. These go for an average of R40 per 500ml bottle... which is a bit pricey, especially to the average castle-lager drinker, so don't bring that person with unless you can deal with indignant outrage and grumbling chatter about how SAB makes better products for affordable prices.
Brewers & Union also hold beer tastings and pair beer with foods (guidance lines are on the beer labels).
Check out more information on this video clip featuring Paul Snodgrass at http://www.andunion.com/AndUnion/Mediavid1.html

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