Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Looking for a whole new way to see the mother city, need someone else to drive while you go wine-tasting, or maybe you just love bikes, history and a bit of adventure…

Book a tour in a WWII-style side-car with Cape Sidecar Adventures (021-434-9855, – make sure you book at least a day in advance). They will create a package to suit your needs including and drop-off from a hotel or where ever you may be staying and supply jackets, helmets and gloves. I went on a Peninsula type of tour including a trip up to Signal Hill. I went at 8am ride and it was a bit chilly, but totally worth it!! The views are spectacular (have a peek)… Two people can go, with one in the sidecar and the other riding pillion. I would really like to give the wine tour a try sometime… at least that solves the DD problem.

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