Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Retro style

For those who used to trek to the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock for late nights of awesome 80s music and now find themselves wondering ‘whatever happened to Deco Dance’?

Well, I found it! At 120B Main Road, Sea Point.

Admittedly it took a while because it’s so easy to drive past it. If you go long the Main Road and you pass Nando’s… well then you have gone to far.

Right next door to Nando’s is an entrance with lumo writing saying ‘Deco Dance’. The new club has two dance floors, one in a smoking area, and the other in a non-smoking area. Like the previous one, no drinks are allowed on the floor so that girls (if they get the urge) can dance barefoot.

I know it sounds grotty – but after fiver hours of dancing and having been in heals all day (plus 2 or 10 tequilas) the temptation to take your shoes off and dance like a fairy at a trance party sounds like an awesome idea!

For more info check out

And if you are dying for a snack at say 3am, head across the road to Café Erte (256A Main Road, 021-433-0726). They serve delicious gourmet burgers until 3:30am as well as a variety of other delicious simple meals.

They also serve Jack Black beer on tap, cocktails and equally dangerous fishbowls.

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