Thursday, January 27, 2011

I was given a 50ml bottle of Primitiv Vodka at a launch I went to sometime back. So I put it in a ‘safe place’ in my fridge and to my great joy (and surprise) stumbled upon it again the other day. Just in time too, because I was feeling desperately broke and had drunk up my entire wine collection as well as leaving bottles (regrettably) behind at the family Christmas.

After consuming my little bottle of joy I thought I better find out where exactly this vodka came from. (PS - didn't have a hangover the next day – although it was a small bottle).

Primitiv vodka is made by a micro-distillery in the Wellington called Jorgenen’s (

Their vodka is made from organic Spelt grown in the high Cedarberg, right on the snowline, on virgin land, according to strict holistic practices by Volker Miros (or so it says on their site).

Go on ­ give it a try! You can by it at the TOPS at the Cape Quarter.

They also make a brandy, absinthe, gin and a sweetly sour limoncello.


Order online.

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