Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kirstenbosch awesomeness

Last Sunday we went to the Jack Parow/ Van Coke concert at Kirstenbosch and not only was the weather fabulous and hot, but we had an amzing pre-show performance while waiting in the queue.

WE saw a wasp (eeek!) dragging a rather large dead spide (double eeek!) across the pavement next to our towel. I was so shocked and curious I couldn’t steal my self away to pick up my camera and photograph it. But take my word for it – Those wasps are dangerous M*F*’s…

Finally they let us through the gates at 4:10pm and we found the perfect spot right in the middle below the middle line.

Van Coke put on a good show. Wynand, for me, always seems to steal my attention with his passionate bass guitar slapping.

We stared for ages at the growing number of people back stage, wondering what was up with all the groupies when we spotted a familiar looking man in a maroon jacket. But as familiar as he was, my one friend couldn’t identity him. That is until he got behind the drums and Franois announced that Fokofpolisikar was going to be doing a guest performance – skyn heilig.

It was awesome! Love those boys… but a certain ‘puff adder’ was looking rather …er… ‘puffy’ shall we say.

Then it was on with the show with Jack Parow. It was my first time seeing him live and I got sucked into the zef treats, cool lyrics and slick beats. And i danced danced danced when I heard 'Dans, dans, Dans, ek wil fokken fokken dans'.

And then to top it all off, Die Heuwels Fantasies came on and did a collab, even after furiously stating all over twitter that they were def not performing. Liars!!!

What a great concert it was… I wish it didn’t have to end. I am sad Jack didn’t perform ‘I Miss’ and instead performed another version of ‘Cooler as Ekke’ just after the original version.

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