Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Those three dreaded letters bring back memories of white-wine headaches, empty wallets and sweat running down your formal white dress…

Yip – it’s the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate… the 150th edition of these sweaty, drunken horseracing events, taking place from 11am – 11pm on 8 Jan at the Kenilworth Race courses.

I experienced my first LQP last year and it was honestly an amazing day. It is quite pricey with tickets going for about R250pp, inclusive of only the horsey air you’ll be breathing in. There are yummy food stalls available and of course plenty of wine.

The dress code is strictly white and blue (as it is every year). The dress code states that: Both ladies and gentlemen are requested to dress in a manner appropriate to a smart occasion adhering to the dress code of blue and white. Ladies are encouraged to wear hats although this is not compulsory. Gentlemen are requested to dress in a suit or jacket. Casual wear such as T-shirts, jeans, shorts and sports attire are strictly forbidden.

Last year I def saw some men in jeans and shorts [you can’t blame the guys in shorts – it’s gets so damn hot in Cape Town]

But it is always fun to dress up and make merry with your friends while placing bets on horses you know nothing about.

For me a highlight of course is the STYLE LOUNGE concert, featuring: Louise Carver, Zebra & Giraffe, Locnville, Gazelle, and Crazy White Boy.

For more info, visit www.lqp.co.za.

See you there…

And btw, if you happen to be wearing blue and white, you will only have to pay half price to get into Fez this Saturday.


Jessy said...

Ex-choose-me? Did you just call it "those three dreaded letters"? ... Whyyy I ought-ttta... :)
Otherwise all you say is true:
sweaty - yes
empty wallets - unfortunately
drunken - always
dance like a maniac to everyone but Locnville - avec vigueur

But you forgot to mention "the best event on 2011's socialite calendar".

As for the after party, if I'm still standing I may give Fez a miss in order to take my lighter-weight friend to bed.

See you there Miss!

l'auteur said...

Yes indeed... she may need help :-)
And this year her knight in shining armour is staying to watch the bands, not just whisking her away ninja bomb-style like last year :-)
Can't wait...