Monday, January 24, 2011

To new adventures

I made a promise to myself that this year I would attempt to be more adventurous. *Note: Not in the same-sex three-some, throwing keys into a pot kind of way. I’m talking about stepping out of my comfort zone, trying things I’ve always wanted to – but have always been too scared/ too busy all in the effort to discover new things about myself. I refer to the above note again.
So far I have done the following:
1. Signed up to run my first half marathon: The Two Oceans ( and I have not as of yet begun training… so wish me luck!! (more on this training crap and cool running routes in CT later).
2. I joined a Contemporary Dance Class at On Pointe Studio, and it has been real fun so far ( You can actually watch a video of me showing off my stuff!!!! Which in reality is nothing to be proud of – but might be good for a laugh… or a few sympathy tears. Either way, go check it out. It requires a lot of memorising (which clearly I haven’t got sorted yet) and flexibility (erm... no comment).
3. I went for a surf! Well the first time I went into the treacherous waves on a rainy at Betty’s Bay (1 Jan), I got smashed over before I could even take a wave. The water was freezing, I could barley move, I swallowed water, I probably swallows a broken off piece of kelp, but thankfully I stayed alive long enough to make it back to the shore. The second time I went out was at Milnerton and I actually took THREE waves in – it was amazing!!! And terrifying!! Although it was probably only 1 foot out. I didn’t stand, but one day I will – I’ll keep you posted!

More on the adventurous me to come…

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