Monday, February 21, 2011

fabulous pinot noir

Muratie wine Estate just outside of Stellenbosch has a beautiful, rustic wine cellar filled with delicious wine.

I tried the chardonnay, the cab sauv, the shiraz, the pinot noir, the merlot and their Cape Vintage Port.

I loved The George Paul Canitz Pinot Noir 2009 and the 2007 Merlot. They were my favourite! The port was also delicious as far as ports go.

I was initially disappointed by the 2007 shiraz, it was very tanniny and light whereas I like a shiraz with a bit more oomph!

We bought a bottle of the pinot noir (delicious upon opening) and finished it very quickly (R150per bottle). Another person in out party had decided to buy a bottle of the shiraz (R125 I think), which we decided to open and let breathe for a good hour.

This really allowed the body to form and it was very pleasantly drinkable.

They had yummy platters available too!

The venue was stunning, in a rustic, green kind of way and their was live music provided by the very talented Gerald Clark and the showy, dynamic Blues Broers.

I will definitely be heading back for more of their pinot noir once my hangover wears off…

Muratie charges R61 delivery to Cape Town for 6 or 12 bottles ( Tastings cost R20pp for five wines of your choice.

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