Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We camped the full weekend at UP the Creek earlier this month.
It was an amazing, hot, music-filled, shandy shindig of a weekend.
The whole farm is really dry and although the weatherman assured us there would be rain – there was none…
UP the Creek is held on a farm near Swellendam along the Breede River.
The river was pretty full though and the so the ‘river stage’ had to be moved this year from the ‘island’ to the bank. There were loads of floating devices – lilos shaped like dragons, whales, sausage dogs and couches; there were water pistols; floating bars; burnt bodies and fishing rods.
My partner even caught a fish – a barbel! About so big (imagine him stretching his arms out to indicate an unbelievable length) but he had a witness who assured me it was so.
I was most impressed by: Flash republic; Taxi Violence; Karen Zoid (loved her red shoes!!) and Bed on Bricks.
I love aKing, but felt their stage presence lacked any kind of presence at all and it was as if the sound engineers pushed the volume up so much all I heard was ‘noise’ and thus retracted to the bar.
Jack Parow was cool, but also totally wasted and failed to perform his collab later with Bed on Bricks and instead came on two songs too late and did a strange little dance on the side for about 30 seconds and stumbled down again.
The dirty skirts bored me to tears and I chose instead to watch ‘real stars’ while lying down on the soft cool grass.
All in all it was a fabulous weekend though, with plenty of awesome acts, good memories, great food, cool river stories (friends of mine went skinny dipping til 4 in the morning). When it was over I didn't want to leave and was forced into the car to head back to Cape Town...


Jessy said...

:( aKing were amazing... Jack P was boring and his vom was gross.
<3 you, Snake.

Amy Hopkins said...

thanks Jessy
Agree JP was not on form
vom.. gross
Is there any truth in the rumour that the lead singer from taxi violence was dared to vomit non Elvis Blue's shoes?