Monday, March 28, 2011

I heart cheesecake

Super Easy Fridge Cheese Cake Recipe
This cheesecake recipe is simple and the result is a delicious light dessert great to serve at dinner parties or just to keep in your fridge for your own personal sweet-tooth satisfaction. I love it because it’s not too sweet and the topping of fresh berries adds an excellent tartness.

Mix 1 pkt tennis biscuits, crumbed, with half a cup of melted butter (125ml).
Grease a tart tin approximately 20cm in diameter. I used an oval shaped porcelain dish 5cm deep. Place in the freezer to set while making the cake mixture.

Cheese cake:
1Tbs gelatine (15ml)
2Tbs cold (fridge) water (30ml)
Quarter cup boiling water (60ml)
Quarter cup castor sugar (60ml)
1 tub low fat plain cream cheese (250ml)
1 tub Crème fraiche (250ml)
1tsp vanilla essence
Place cold water in a bowl, sprinkle gelatine over and let it absorb the water. Add boiling water to the jelly and mix well until dissolved. Add the sugar and stir. Mix in the cream cheese, crème fraiche and vanilla essence using a beater until consistency is smooth and even. Pour mixture over base and smooth out so it’s flat on top. Refrigerate until set. I left mine for just more than two hours.
A selection of berries. After the cake had been in the fridge for one hour, I sliced up six fresh strawberries and placed half a cup of blue berries on the surface of the cake and put it back in the fridge for another hour before serving.

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Anonymous said...

I also heart cheesecake!! I will try this one FOR SURE, it looks delicious. xx