Friday, March 4, 2011

stop in at origin...

If you want to try an incredible variety of amazing teas, buy the teas or specialty glass tea-pots (nice pricey wedding gift), then pop in to Café Origin.

They do so much more than tea though, and are actually known for spectacular single origin coffees and of course their own house coffee! Yum!

Plus you can buy the beans!

I went to a coffee tasting their the other day and learnt how to ‘sluuurp the correct way. Some people took this a bit too seriously, startling my ‘partner-in-crime and me’ every time they snorted.

Useful tip: Once your coffee has cooled down, the flavour changes and those left with a really bitter flavour are poor quality.

Visit to check out the shop in de waterkant, 28 Hudson Street.

Once again I apologise for LR images... I've only had my bb with me and not my (pro) camera :-(

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