Friday, May 6, 2011

The SA Cheese Festival wrap-up

I went to the SA Cheese Festival last weekend (Saturday) at Sandringham Farm outside of Stellenbosch…

First of all, the traffic was horrendous. It took us half an hour to get to the Klipheuwel turn off from CT, which was easy enough, and then suddenly we hit bumper to bumper, snail pace traffic.

We finally managed to get into the gates 2 hours, and 3km later.

But I was very happy to finally arrive.

There were loads of people milling around, tasting wines and eating lunch soaking up the last rays of summer sunshine. The weather couldn’t have been better considering the awful cold and rainy days we had just had.

WE meandered around the cheese emporium and tasted what we could.

There was a nice variety of goats milk cheeses, feta, moz and yellow cheeses… and I was left wondering ‘where are al the blues?’.

There was a blues band outside, but that’s not what I meant.

The only stand that offered up blue cheese was simonsberg – their simonzola.

Now, I like their simonzola, but I can buy it from any PnP in town.

Where were the creamy gorgonzola’s I had been dreaming of stocking my fridge with???

I was sadly quite disappointed and left having bought only drinking yoghurt (which was truly amazing), olives and biltong.

There were also a lot of drunk students who were clearly enjoying the ‘wine tasting’ section, and one boy tried to grab my arm and slurred some – what he thought was – charming Afrikaans words (and spittle) my way.

Overall, it was fun and I met some interesting cheese-makers and other foodie types.

Notable delicious items that come to mind were: raw ginger honey; the man making his own mozzarella; cape aloe juices; the olives from Delvera and the lemon curd.

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