Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taste of Cape 2011

This evening is marks the first night of this year’s Taste of cape Festival – a foodie event that showcases food from 14 of Cape Town’s top restaurants as well as additional alcoholic beverages and other foodie treats. I went to last year’s event for the first time and it was incredible. It is not a cheap foodie expo, so do take some dosh if you want to try the posh nosh. [sorry – I just had to!]


Signature dishes from the chefs of Nobu, Societi Bistro, Fyndraai and Bistro Sixteen82, among others.

Also on hand are purveyors of homemade produce and premium whisky, beer, wine, tequila and locally made absinthe.

Dates: 5–8 May

Venue: Green Point Cricket Club.

Entry: R70 (or R160 including R100 worth of coupons),

I'll be checking it out tomorrow night, so expect a write-up.

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