Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JA-MOCHAn me crazy

I went on a sunset cruise the other day, from the V&A waterfront to Clifton, where we sampled the new Simonsvlei wines (www.simonsvlei.com).
The South Atlantic Sauvignon Blanc (grassy and green R75) and Cabernet Sauvignon/ shiraz blend (plums and cherries – great with meaty dishes R80) were two of my favorites and truly delicious in their own right.

it was also the launch of their new generation wines, the JA-MOCHA PINOTAGE (R75) and the TOFFEE CHUNK SYRAH (85). I would have both again any day, particularly the shiraz.

Advice from the site:
Toffee Chunk originated from the toffee characters associated with the unique maturation of this wine. Very distinct Toffee aromas dominate followed by a smokiness and an extended berry finish that follows thru onto the palate. Enjoy with asiago cheese, cured or smoked meats, nice peppery or spicy steak or how about your favourite cheese dish.
Ja-Mocha originated from the coffee and chocolate connection associated with this wine. It’s a well balanced fruity wine with expressing overtones of dark chocolate and toasted coffee beans. Serve with Game, Fillet/Steak, Barbeques, hearty Vegeterian dishes, Thai/Indian food or enjoy on its own.
Open on Saturdays from 08:30 - 16:30 and on Sundays from 11:00 - 15:00. R20pp for six wines. [Old Paarl Road]

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