Thursday, June 30, 2011

The kalahari and the khoi san

I recently went away to the amazing rural town of Askham (5km from the Bots border) in the Kalahari Desert and met authentic Khoi San people.

It was the most amazing experience being in such a rural village, among the dunes and salt pans.

I did have the most delicious biltong I have ever had – made by the amazing farmer, Kruger and his wife Johanna, who will take you in as one of her own and look after you with the greatest hospitality.

I stayed in the Post Office guest house, which really functioned as a post office 100 years ago.

The town of Askham is filled with incredible history and rustic beauty.

I ate Kalahari truffles ('N abbas), ashbread and gemsbok steak. I was also showed where to find kalahari watermelons, which will keep you hydrated.

I drank sweet muscadel from the orange river 200km away and stared up at the billions while feeling the warmth of a fire on my back.

I met one of the last people in the world who can speak the language N/u ­– an old, old lady, with the sweetest disposition.

Below are the pictures, which I’ve been told tell more of a story than my own words.


Anonymous said...

Did you have a guide or just stay with the local group? How does one plan for such a great adventure?

Amy said...

I went on my own, but you can organise group stays or use the guides at Khomani San here: