Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wine tasting in Durbanville

So one of my besties (the super-subbing partner in crime) and I decided to go wine tasting in the near by valley of Durbanville. We took one wrong turn but all in all it’s really not far out of town and they have some amazing farms on offer.

First stop was De Grendal (

Highlights for me: the pinot noir (2009); the MCC Brut (2009); and the Sauvignon Blanc (2010). Wine tasting is for free.

Next stop was one of my most favourite boutique farms – de Vallei (

I’m so sad they have no shiraz… but I believe they have some resting. I liked every wine they had on offer. The sauvignon blanc was amazing! They also make excellent cab sauvs and both the Jacobus and the Donum rocked my world. Although the wine tasting here costs R15pp, if you buy any wine, you get the tasting money back.

Then we went off to D’Aria ( – our third and last stop. It really is difficult to do more than three wine farms in one day … and stay soberish.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the spitting kind.

The Saprano Shiraz is still my best – it was so delicious asked if I could taste it twice J. They charge R10 a tasting (If I’m not mistaken – things were starting to look a little hazy at this point).

But it was awesome!

I did learn one thing – don’t go wine tasting if you haven’t eaten, and biltong does not count as a meal! This is what can happen to you... (last pic)

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