Friday, July 15, 2011

Chanti’s Smoked Paprika Roast Chicken

My friend and colleague, Chantel Arends, gave me such an awesome quick and super tasty roast chicken recipe the other day.

As soon as work was over I dashed to the Woolies to get their imported Smoked Paprika spice from Spain, called La Chinata.

You have to fork out R40 for it, but it’s worth it.

Other ingredients:

-1 orange

-1 lemon

-olive oil

-salt & pepper

-fresh thyme

-1 awesomely sized free range chicken

Set the oven to 180 Degrees C.

Place the chicken in an oven dish and cover with good extra virgin olive oil. Take a heaped tsp of smoked paprika and rub the spice all over the chicken and inside the cavity. Do the same with a few grinds of salt and pepper.

Place half a lemon and half an orange inside the cavity with some thyme.

Place thyme under the chicken skin as well so it does not simply fall off.

Bring the legs together with some string, so that the bits and pieces don’t fall out.

Squeeze the juice of the other half orange over the chicken (just to add a dash of extra moisture).

Place in the oven (uncovered) – simple as that at.

Chantel recommends cooking it breast side up and then turning it over half way through.

My medium sized chicken took about an hour to cook and filled the house with amazing aromas.

I served it with lemon grilled courgettes (juice from the other half lemon, salt and pepper) and Chantel’s potatoes – peeled, boiled potatoes dipped in a mixture of flour and herbs and then fried in Canola oil to give that extra crisp.

I should have taken a photograph of the finished product, but we were so hungry, we gobbled it up before I could. YUM!

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