Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hillcrest Berry Orchard – buy your honey here

Every now and then I get a craving for really good scones, with fresh cream, cheese and jam.
My partner first took me to the Hillcrest Berry Farm more than two years ago, and whenever we find ourselves in the Stellenbosch area with some times to spare, we make a point of visiting it.
And every time I visit, I always buy honey. They have really good quality honey for very affordable prices. R31 for a 230ml jar. You can taste the honey before you buy, and they generally have the four standard flavours: eucalyptus, fynbos, citrus blossom and wild flower.
This past weekend I stocked up on citrus blossom. You also have the option of buying a set of three mini different flavoured honey jars.
They sell a variety of jams, my favourite ones being: Cape Fig and Walnut Jam, Melon and Fig Jam and Cape Gooseberry Jam. Sweet Tooth’s should try the Morello Cherry.

And they also sell five sucrose free jams: Apricot, blackberry, raspberry, marmalade and Cape gooseberry.

Now when you order scones, you can choose any two jams or honey to go with the scones... so slowly but surely, I've worked my way through a number of them :-)

They do an awesome selection of teas in the Orchard restaurant, my favourite being the Fiery Chai.

The view from the restaurant is also spectacular.

Other products for sale in the deli include cheese, breads, preserves, frozen berries, infused olive oils, vinegars, liquors and of course, fresh berries.

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Anonymous said...

good afternoon 23 June 2017. I buy hillcrest honey eucalyptus at Checkers riverside mall in Rondebosch, but that was in January, I bought five jars at a time, because when its off the shelve I have to wait another 4/5 months again for stock to arrive. Please can you inform me other places in Cape Town where I can buy this honey, its the best on the Market, thanks Marlene 083 660 4556